The Raven – Custom Table for XL Big Green Egg

This table was recently completed for a client in Dunwoody, Ga. It measures 115″ x 36″.  It is made entirely from cedar and has a two piece top designed and fabricated for easy installation, removal and reinstallation (if necessary.)  The table is made for an Extra Large Big Green Egg and weighs approximately 600 lbs without the egg.

The cabinets are offset from the primary structure so that taller, more useful cabinets can be created.  The center platform is built to the BGE specifications and is offset to provide proper clearance for the egg itself.

As usual, all of the fasteners are stainless, but are hidden by custom cut redwood plugs.  The doors are created using “half lap” joinery, and are exceptionally strong.  The table was finished off with two coats of honey gold sealer and will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Thanks for viewing.IMG_1671 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1675 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1778 IMG_1779 IMG_1786 IMG_1787 IMG_2007 IMG_2008 IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2011

2 thoughts on “The Raven – Custom Table for XL Big Green Egg

  1. Thanks Chad…It was a lot of fun working with you on this. It turned out even better than I could have imagined. The amount of storage and workspace is amazing. My back can attest to how heavy duty this table is and I am looking forward to my cooking level catching up to the level of my table.

    Raven Davis

    • Thank you Raven! Likewise, it was an exciting project. Working out the details of how to properly support the XL, while deepening the cabinets was fun and challenging. I am already designing our next table!

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